So often the house seems so very quiet.  I miss having conversations with my husband.  I’m learning how to remedy that loss.  I talk out loud with my Father, God.  Not only do I say my part of the conversation out loud, I also say what I’m hearing Him say to me out loud.  Sometimes there is a long pause of quietness as I’m listening to His response to me but as I wait and open my mind and heart up I hear His response in my head and repeat it out loud.  When you hear things through your ears rather than just in your head, they tend to make more of an impact on you.  This is in no way talking to yourself.  This is fully talking with God – a 2-way conversation.  We have the freedom as His children to tell Him everything that is on our hearts and minds.  We have the freedom to ask Him questions.  Sometimes He answers our questions right away.  Sometimes He delays, waiting for us to be ready for His answers.  Sometimes He directs us to His written Word, the Holy Bible, as the answers are already written in that beautiful collection of love letters to us.  Wherever they are, God always answers us.  It is us who don’t always listen.  I encourage you to give this 2-way vocal conversation a try.  He’s always ready to listen and to speak to us.


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