My husband and I had a lot of good couple friends.  They would stop over for visits or we would go out for lunches or dinners.  We had lots of good conversational fellowship time.  After my husband was called home the couple friends stop coming by, stopped calling.  It’s like a widow is contagious to them.  Quite often when it was just my husband and I going out for a meal together we would call and invite one of our widow friends to come with us.  Sometimes we would invite 2 together.  We knew from business trips it’s no fun eating out alone.

As I first became aware that I had apparently lost several friends I was hurt.  When I went out to lunch to celebrate my husband’s birthday at one of his favorite places I learned a beautiful lesson.  As I was looking for a table I saw a lady sitting by herself.  I went up and asked if she would like company while she ate.  She was happy to have company.  Before long, I was witnessing to her.  We had a wonderful time talking about how she could now grow in her relationship with God. 

Now, sometimes I ask a widow friend out and sometimes I go myself looking to make a new friend.  There is one thing that still bothers me.  I miss hearing the male aspect on different subjects.  I’ve heard many other widows say the same thing.

If you’re alone, invite another who is alone or go out and find a new friend for a meal.  If you’re still blessed as a couple, don’t forget those who are not so blessed.  Going out with others (all paying their own checks) is a growing experience as you talk and share God’s blessings.


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