One of the many things I miss about my husband is his being my prayer partner.  There were many things we prayed about separately but praying for our children and grandchildren we joined together, holding hands and lifting their needs up before the throne of God’s grace.  Now I pray for them alone.  Yet, I’m aware I’m not alone.  When I received Jesus Christ, God’s Son, into my mind, heart and life God sent His Holy Spirit to dwell inside me and beside me.  He promised never to leave me alone.  That means, when I’m praying for my children and grandchildren the Holy Spirit is joining me in that prayer.  Since the Holy Spirit is joining me in that prayer I know it will be answered in God’s timing and in God’s way for each one of them.  Hearing another person pray the same as you do gives you a boost of faith because scripture says “where 2 or 3 or gathered together I am in the midst of them.”  Well, I am a party of 2; there is me and there is God’s Holy Spirit.

 We believers are never alone.  Even when we can’t see, feel or hear another person, we can trust God’s promise to us.  We only need to open our spiritual eyes to His Holy Spirit and lift our concerns He puts on our minds and hearts before the throne of grace of our Father, God.


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