My husband and I were intimate.  We knew every thing about each other.  We knew each other’s bodies; we knew each other’s past.  We shared everything.  We shared our thoughts.  We shared what God would impress upon us during our private quiet times.  God knows us intimately.  He knows everything about all of our being.  He wants us to be intimate with Him.

We may not have another person in our house to share with but God said He is always with us.  The problem lies with us.  We get distracted very easily.  Self-pity is one of our biggest distractions.  It is up to us to remember God is there for us.  All we need do is open the Bible, His love letters to us, and begin reading.  Then we begin talking to Him and telling Him what is on our mind and our heart.  As we speak everything out, we become quiet and can hear Him speak to us.  He doesn’t speak aloud but deep within us.  It helps to write down what comes into our thoughts after a time of prayer and meditation.  Then read what we write out loud.  We find it different than our normal thoughts.  As we practice this talking, listening and writing we learn to hear and have conversations with God more easily.  God longs to have conversations with us.  He doesn’t want us to do all the talking. Neither does He want to be the only one to talk.  God created us to fellowship with Him.  It takes 2 to fellowship.  Let’s make a practice of fellowshipping with God throughout all of each and every day


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