The other day I put my PC screen saver up on my big screen TV.  I have our family photos on the screen saver.  We scanned all the old photos from our childhood and all the ones of our marriage before the digital age into our PC.  As I sat and watched the TV slide show of my past I realized what a very blessed life I have had and continue to have.  Yes, there were hard times.  It is those hard times that shape us into who we are.  But the hard times dim in memory compared to all the good times.  Some of the photos brought tears to my eyes, missing people who I love who have gone home to our Father.  Some of the photos made me laugh like faces of our children when they were small.  Some brought memories of beautiful places of God’s creation as we traveled the country.  They all brought me to my knees of thanksgiving to God and expressing my thanks and love for Him. 

Scripture tells us to forget the past and press on to the future and that is good for our actions.  We are to live in the now, not the past. But occasionally it is good to remember where we’ve been and how God has sustained and blessed us in the past as encouragement of His continual blessings in the present and future.


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