Motivation to cook a nice meal for one is hard.  At first I cooked a lot of stir fry because it was easy to cook just one portion.  It didn’t take too long for me to get tired of stir-fry even though I varied the ingredients and the sauces.  Then I went to the convenient frozen meals for one.  Some of them aren’t too bad in flavor but the few that I really liked were also getting tiring.  Breakfast for one was easy but dinners were my problem. 

The same motivation problem was with keeping a really clean house.  I kept it pretty neat and picked-up but deep cleaning was a problem.

Finally, I decided I was worth the trouble.  I don’t like dirty house and I don’t like frozen meals.  Sometimes I cook or 2 or more and freeze the extra for another week.  I am worth fixing a good meal.  I am worth having a very clean house.  We are each worth being nice and thoughtful to ourselves.  God said we are to love our neighbor as our self.  We can’t love our neighbor if we don’t love our self enough to be good to our self in the same way we would be good to a neighbor.


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