I have found it a little harder to motivate and do my daily Bible study.  My husband and I each did our own Bible study separately but then we would share with each other what God taught us in our individual studies.  I miss that sharing time.

We, as God’s children, are eternal beings.  The length of our physical life, even if over 100 years, is nothing compared to our eternal being.  Most of us take care to feed our physical life the helpful things of food, water, knowledge etc.  We need to be sure we take even better care of our eternal life.  When we live with someone in our physical if we need to know that person intimately to be able to get along together.  We need to know the One Who we will live with eternally intimately.  To know God, intimately we must study thoroughly the hand book (the Holy Bible) He gave us.  We can’t just read it.  We must digest it with our mind and our spirits and make it a part of our being.  This is a wonderful motivator to take the time every day and feed our spirits even more than we feed our bodies


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