After my husband and I had our morning meditation time we would have our morning coffee together and share what we heard for that morning.  Now I have my morning coffee alone.  I have a choice.  I can drink my coffee with sadness and self-pity for having no one to share with or I can rejoice that I am able to have a morning cup of coffee and the privilege of thanking God for our quiet, meditation time together.  Life is about movement.  Movement means change.  We must not only learn to adapt to changes in life, we must learn to enfold them, appreciate the newness and sometimes the challenge of them.  It is the movement, the changes that come about as we pass through the various stages of life that create the excitement and energy.  When we traveled full time in an RV we had a rule: nothing new comes into the rig without something going out.  It is the same in life; new things, events, circumstances come in replacing old, familiar and comfortable ones.  Just as new shoes need to be worn for a while before being comfortable, we need to welcome the new that life brings and allow it to be a comfortable part of us.  I am learning to enjoy my morning coffee.  Yes, I miss the old but I know God is with me and He wants each of us to be aware of His presence with us.  If you’re alone, sit down and have your morning coffee or tea with Him, being aware of His very real presence with you.


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