It was a wonderful Saturday.  Shortly before noon one of my daughters and her family showed up and we had a work day around here.  We all worked hard, forgetting lunch.  In the late afternoon, after getting most of the work done we all realized we were hungry.  We went out to dinner, my treat, then did some fun shopping together.  It was a wonderful time of family fellowship.  The even got the headlights fixed on a spare car so I could get to church Sunday.  I’m still waiting on my deer damaged car to be repaired.  It was such a wonderful day.  That evening, as I prepared to update my blog, I couldn’t get on the internet.  My PC automatically updated Windows and it erased any capability of connecting to my router.  Since my husband had set up the router I didn’t know the proper name.  I’ll have to wait until Monday and call the internet provider to out the name.  It wasn’t a very good end to a very good day but it didn’t detract from the wonderful day and I went to bed thanking and praising God for a wonderful family.  My devotional blog and my “From a Widow’s Heart” will be a little behind but that’s fine.  God is always with us and speaking to us even without modern electronic communications.


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