When you lose someone, you love there is a hole in you.  It is always there.  But you have choices to make.  You can choose to dwell on the hole or you can choose to accept what has happened and choose to move on to a new stage of life.  You retain the memories of the one you’ve lost.  You can choose to be thankful for those memories and the amount of time you had together.  You choose to look to God for a new direction in your life.  Your life can still be full and abundant with the love of God through His Son, Jesus in your life even with the hole of the lost love one.  Don’t berate yourself when tears come but turn the tears into joy of the knowledge of eternal life in the very presence of God and reunited with all those you love who have gone before you.  Holes aren’t always bad.  They leave more space within our hearts for God’s Holy Spirit to penetrate.  Choose to move on following the steps God give you while still remembering and enjoying the memories.  There is never any knowing the blessings God has in store beyond the present.  Our tomorrows are in His loving hands and full of unknown blessings beyond our wildest dreams.  Our lives will always be full an abundant with God in the center of our lives.


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