I finally found the key for our large lock box and started cleaning out the papers.  It was interesting looking over old tax papers, mortgage papers, etc.  But most interesting were old letters I’d saved from my children, and envelope with the Apollo launch sticker and post mark, family linage charts and a few other interesting items.  I found plans I had drawn for our mountain cabin and it brought back memories of family vacations in the mountains.  I have a lot of papers to shred but also have some papers to copy and pass on to the children.  Memories are fun to look at and remember but only as long as we continue to press on to what God has for us the next step or phase of our life.  Though I would love to be back in that mountain cabin, I am happy where God has me now.  I will enjoy the memory of the spring running into the creek and the icy cold water on my feet as I sat on my prayer rock but will also enjoy praying in my prayer chair.  I praise and thank God for where He has taken me and trust Him for where I have yet to go with Him.  The large file box is empty but my heart is full.


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