When one of us misplaced our cell phone we would have the other one call us so we could follow the ring.  Now there is just one.  When I misplace my cell phone there is no one here to phone me and make my phone ring.  The first time I misplaced it I started searching frantically.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I even went out to the car just incase if forgot to bring it inside.  I finally walked over to a neighbor to have her phone me after I got back home.  That worked.  I don’t want to bother a neighbor when I misplace that little phone.  It’s amazing how it can hide in the smallest places.  The next time I misplaced it I asked God to remind me where I laid it.  He did and I found it right away.  I do try to keep it in the same place all the time but sometimes I’m busy when it rings and I continue working around the house as I talk with the caller then just lay it down at the end of the conversation.  This is another area where I need to discipline myself.  I need to learn to either keep it in my pocket when I have one (which I’ve accomplished) or when I don’t have a pocket, pick one place to always put it (which I’m working on doing).  The crux of this matter is paying attention to what we are doing.  All of us tend to give in to distractions.  Distractions are what usually keep us from focusing on God.  As we learn discipline in our various activities of the day, we can also learn discipline in our thoughts of the day, learning to focus them on God.  A mother of young children always has her ear tuned to the sound of her baby.  We need to learn to always have our ear tuned to the sound of our Father.


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