I used to work jig saw puzzles.  My mother and I would do them together.  The problem is quitting.  You keep saying “just one more piece.”  Many things are addictive.  I stopped working jig saw puzzles.  The only thing I do that’s addictive is reading the Bible.  I find that to be very addictive.  I find I keep wanting a little more before I stop.  Reading God’s love letters to me is both exhilarating and calming.  I want more and more of those feelings.  It’s even better than the love letters I got from my husband before we were married.  Yes, that was before texting and internet.  The plus is they are recorded on paper and after 52 years I still have them.  Things that have been texted or email have been wiped out but failing electronics.  My husband’ s love letters to me and God’s love letters to me I’ll always have both in my heart and mind and also physically before my eyes on paper.


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