When you find yourself suddenly alone being thankful is hard to do.  We tend to focus on our problems so much that we fail to see the good surrounding us.  As we enter this season of emphasis on Thanksgiving, let us strive to look for the good.  Let us practice thanking those around us who do a nice thing such as holding a door open for us.  Strangers and friends alike are always doing something nice for someone.  Let us not be in so much of a hurry that we fail to say, “Thank you” in a way they actually hear it.  Let us also practice thanking God throughout our day for all the wonderful things He surrounds us with and does for us.  There is always something for which to give thanks.  There is usually more of what we perceive to be good than there is the bad.  Let’s be sure our spirit of thankfulness far out ways our complaining, murmuring and grumbling.


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