It’s fun to receive gifts.  They make us happy.  But it’s not the gifts that makes us happy.  Most of us can usually buy the gifts for ourselves if they are something we really want.  It’s the giver giving us the gift that makes us happy.  It them letting us know they love and appreciate us.  I miss the joy of giving to my husband.  I also miss his thoughtful gifts to me.  We have a built in need of knowing we are loved and appreciated.  I am thankful that I have children and grandchildren to whom I can show my love and appreciation.  As we start thinking and purchasing gifts for others this season let us remember they are not obligations.  The gifts are to show the person we appreciate them and love them.  Let us be thoughtful in our selections and let us enjoy the process like we enjoy being with the person we are gifting.  Often the best gifts aren’t purchased.  They are something we have made.  The best gift I ever received from a child was a hand-made book of coupons for extra helping jobs to be done by them at my choice.  That was truly a gift of love.  Let’s open our mind to a wider range of gifts to communicate that love and appreciation.  Let us also open our mind to a wider range of people to whom.we can communicate love and appreciation.  One of the most fun gifts I give are to those whom I don’t know.  It’s a way of letting them know God loves them.  We can do this through charities or we can just give something to a stranger God puts on our heart. Happy gifting.


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