In the devotional blog today I wrote about the inner speakings of and with God’s Holy Spirit.  There is also the unexplainable comfort of feeling the very real presence of the Holy Spirit in the quiet.  As I woke us this morning I could feel His love inside me in a very warm and comforting way.  Warmth invaded me in spite of the cold air coming in through the open window and being blown over me by the ceiling fan.  No, it wasn’t a hot flash.  This was an inner warmth of peace and comfort and love.  It gave me even a more comfortable and secure sensation the I always got snuggling in my husband’s arms in the early morning.  God is so very loving.  He so much wants us to receive and feel His love.  The only way we can experience His love is by experiencing His Son, Jesus Christ.  It is only through coming to Jesus and asking Him to be Lord (the boss, the King) of your life that you can approach God.  My prayer is you have done this and you are feeling the very real touch of His love in, on and all around you.


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