Every once in a while, my screen saver brings up a picture of my husband I didn’t know I had.  It brings up good memories but also, sometimes tears.  I immediately swap those tears for praises and thanksgiving to God for giving us just shy of 51 years together.  The first 10 years were rocky but after we found the difference between believing Jesus is God’s son and believing IN Jesus as God’s Son and our Lord and Savior, our marriage became a true oneness of purpose and love.  I took our wedding rings and had them put on a cross.  The form 2 outer circles with the overlap in the center having the cross.  I did this because Jesus was the center of our marriage and our relationship.  This is the only way 2 can become one as told of marriage in the Scriptures.  Only when united with God through Jesus can 2 entirely different individuals become one together.  Thank You, God for those beautiful years.


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