My husband and I always had a date night each and every week.  It would always include stopping for a cup of coffee somewhere and just sitting and talking without interruptions.  I miss our date night.  But I can still have a date night with my Lord, Jesus.  I make myself a cup of coffee and sit at the table across from a visually empty chair and sip and talk.  I talk out loud but listen inwardly.  As I do this I become more and more aware of His very real presence with me.  It is important for us to have uninterrupted time with the One Who loves us most.  It is important to speak out what is on your mind and in your heart.  It is also important to be quiet and listen to what God puts into you mind.  It might be helpful to jot some things on paper.  My husband always took notes.  It bothered me at first because it seemed he was treating our date night as more of a business transaction.  But later he explained that what I said was so important that he wanted to be sure he would remember it and in the same way I said it.  Isn’t it even more important for us to remember everything that God, through His Holy Spirit, says into our mind and hearts?


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