Evenings are very long when there is not something on my calendar for me to attend.  I’m not one for much television or DVD movies.  I can read for so long and enjoy reading and listen to good music.  I can write for so long.  I can pray and meditate for so long.  I’m still learning and praying how to spend all these evenings.  I find it even harder during this season.  This is a time we spent together planning with joy what we would gift to our children and grandchildren.  We also would pray together about what needed ministry God wanted us to donate to.  The trap is giving into feeling sorry for myself.  When I sense this happening I immediately go to praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings God had showered on me.  Doing this has made me even more aware of how blessed my life has been and still is.  It moves me to more intense intercession for those who haven’t learned how to receive the blessings God is waiting to give them.  God longs for all of us to receive His love with open minds, hearts and arms.  God has chosen to use His children through whom to bless others.  For those of us who are missing someone, let us be sure to ask God who we are to bless.  For those who are not missing someone, God still wants to use you to bless others.  Let’s always be ready for God’s gentle nudge as we go through our days and evenings.


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