When you start to feeling low or blue change your thoughts to others.  So many people are hurting much more than you.  Pick someone you know who is going through a hard time and pray for them.  Don’t just dash off a quick prayer.  Really pray for them.  Think about how you would feel if you were in the same circumstances and pray the way you would want someone praying for you.  Intercession is the second-best way to get your mind off of yourself.  The best way is turning your sad thoughts to praise to God for being with you through everything that passes your way.  Sometimes it’s hard to move from sad thoughts to praises so intercession is a very good bridge.  Not only does it help you, it is also a great help for the one for whom you are interceding.  We all know many people walking through hard times.  If you are in a very protective area and really don’t know anyone, you can always intercede for the persecuted Christians in other countries or for families you hear about on the news.  Pray is not limited in distance.  Prayer reaches the entire world.  Let’s all commit to be real prayer warriors.


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