One of my grandsons gave me a very generous gift card for a restaurant.  I invited a couple to go with me as my guest.  It was so very nice being with a couple again.  It seems couples don’t like or maybe think about inviting a single to join them for a meal.  I’ve missed conversations that include the male aspect and had a delightful time.  It’s sad that the friends we socialize with change when our circumstances change.  I’m sure there are several reasons couples don’t want to be with singles.  I’m not sure what they all are.  My husband and I frequently invited a single to join us for a meal out.  If you’re a couple, it might make a good ministry for you to think about those who are alone.  They are not dangerous or competition to your own relationships.  They just want to share the love of God with others.  I thank this couple for going out with me and they’ve said we will do this more often.  If you’re alone, I hope you, also, will enjoy the fellowship of couples along with the fellowship of singles. 


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