0I bought a pillow the other day.  It is a very firm pillow that keeps it’s shape.  I place it beside me in the bed.  When I wake up during the night I feel the pillow next to me and fall back to sleep quicker.  It’s nice feeling something next to me.  It’s no longer my husband who was next to me over 50 years, but it does help.  Where did I get this idea of using a pillow to help me sleep?  I was in the store and as I cut through the pillow isle on my way elsewhere, I heard an inner voice say, “You need a pillow to sleep beside.”  I’ve learned to pay attention to those inner voices and am so glad I did.  If you have accepted Jesus as Your Lord and Savior, you also have an inner voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you.  Learn to listen for it.  Practice hearing it in all things.  Jesus said He is always with us, ready to comfort and lead us. Let Him.


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