When a loved one is taken from us we grieve.  But after the initial grieving we must understand 3 basic things.  God is in control and, though He didn’t cause the leaving, He allowed it in His wisdom and timing.  Our life is incredibly short in the time span of all eternity.  God has a purpose for us to still be on this earth in our bodies of flesh and bones.  As we walk through our grieving process we must start meditating on these 3 principles and allow God to make them real in our minds and hearts.  When we’ve accepted the first 2 it is time to pray and listen to the 3rd one, God’s purpose for us still being here.  Our purpose first is to fellowship with God.  Then we are also allow Him to work through us.  His work through us can take many various forms during the different phases of our lives on this earth.  We must be open to changes in our ministry as God leads us through our walk.  Let’s open up and listen daily.


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