It was 18 degrees when I woke up this morning.  All the outdoor pipes I knew about were covered so I wasn’t concerned.  Midafternoon I knock on my door and a gentleman said I appeared to have a problem.  As I looked out I saw a fountain shooting up over the roof.  I didn’t know the source so I shut off the main water valve at the meter.  I had no idea where the connection for that water spout was and panicked.  I called my son-in-law to come out.  While I was waiting for his arrival I prayed.  Yes, that should have been my first response before the panic but I’m still learning.  As I prayed I was led to get a shovel and look at the pipe.  As I traced the pipe I had to get snippers to trim dead branches back.  There it was.  Several connections under all the growth leading to the two (yes, there was another water spout around the corner of the house) water spouts or fountains.  I disconnected them, turned the water back on and smiled and thanked God for the knowledge He gave me.  I called my son-in-law and thanked him for heading my way.  What did I learn?  God truly supplies all our needs if we only look to Him, ask Him and listen to Him.


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