It’s my birthday weekend.  My husband and I didn’t gift each other on our birthdays.  Instead, we did something special and different for the weekend of the birthday.  I find myself fighting tears of missing him and self-pity for me so I decided to bore you with writing it away so I could turn to where God has me today.  I am blessed with so many special and enjoyable memories.  Many of them bring back laughter as I think on them or come across a picture.  Tonight is a piano concert we would both be going to.  I will be taking myself.  I am blessed that I am able to attend and look forward to beautiful, live music.  I know I will not be the only one attending alone so, instead of moping, I will pray for others as I look around the audience.  Since my birthday is Monday, I will possible drive an hour to where we would probably have chosen to go for lunch.  If I find someone eating alone, I will ask if I can join them.  It might an open heart and mind to receive Christ.  There is nothing wrong with feeling sad for a short while but then we must move on with God and allow His joy and love to shine through us.  This is my birthday weekend. I will rejoice and be glad in Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior. 


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