Today was the second year my husband celebrated his birthday before the throne of God.  I went to eat lunch at his favorite restaurant and drowned my sorrows in his favorite grocery store buying junk food.  Then I sang praise songs all the way (1 hour drive) home.  That didn’t stop me from throwing a self-pity party later this night.  My 10-year-old granddaughter asked about my day and said when I get sad to think about all the good memories I have.  I do that but it never gets easier missing someone who was so much part of your life.  But God knows and understands.  He had to send His Son, Who had never been away from His very real presence, down to a world that would reject Him and kill Him because God loves us and wants us to know Him and be in His presence for all eternity.  God even had to turn His face away from His Son when Jesus took our sins upon Himself so we could be forgiven and not pay the penalty because God cannot, by His own nature and laws, be in the presence of sin.  So, it’s okay to throw a self-pity party occasionally as long as we remember the cost God paid for us and turn back to Him, giving Him thanks and glory for what He has done and continues to do for us.  God, please tell Richard Happy Birthday for me.


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