I’ve been talking with God asking Him why I still hurt so much and tears still come involuntary at odd times.  He told me the hurt would always be there and tears would come and go and it is all right. He understands how I feel being separated from my husband.  Though it isn’t exactly the same it is like when He and His Son, Jesus, separated for Jesus to leave His deity and become a man to experience all we had to experience and yet, at the same time, show us how God created us to live.  Jesus felt the separation from the Father even though He knew they would be reunited again as the One in Three they were and always will be.  For us, it’s the opposite direction but we will be reunited again for all eternity.  We who have been separated from our loved one must not berate ourselves for our emotions.  We must continue to love and serve our Lord with all our hearts, minds and lives even through our emotions and tears.  There is joy to be had even in our missing. God is so very merciful in our weakness and so very loving in His reaching down to and in us.


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