It’s all comparative.  We compare most everything.  When we shop we compare quality and cost to find the best deal.  I was pondering on my marriage and realized I had the joy of my husband for many, many more years than the amount of years possible or me to be without him.  And then I will see him for all eternity.  That doesn’t means sadness and grief don’t rear their ugly head from time to time but it does help me appreciate the gift of our marriage God gave us more and accept that God has other purposes for the remainder of my years walking this earth.  I know there are some who read this who were not blessed with the 50+ years we had together, but all of us can be thankful for whatever time God allows us the blessing of someone else’s love to share.  So in all things and all situations we can rejoice in the love of God and be content in the situation He allows for us to work through in His love and grace.


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