Anniversaries.  These are dates usually celebrated with great joy and thanksgiving.  But, sometimes they’re full of sadness.  Anniversary of a birthday, wedding date or the day of someone’s passing are mixed with good memories and hurt for the missing of the person.  Today was my brother-in-law’s birthday.  I remember the joyful times of celebrating with him and kidding him for being a year older than I.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of my husband’s going home to our Father.  I can still see everything that happen and hear everything that was said that day even though it is now 2 years.  The question for us is how we will choose to celebrate those anniversaries.  We can dwell on our lost, our pain, our hurt or we can choose to put our mind on all the wonderful times we had together and thank God for what He gave us.  Sometimes it takes gritted teeth and we must join Job in saying, “Even if He slays me I will praise Him.”  We have the choice of where we allow our minds to take us.  Let us choose always to be thankful for God is always with us and never will leave us.


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