My son and his family needed me.  I left home quickly and headed for where my husband and I raised our children.  It’s hard helping adult children with their problems when your spouse, your prayer partner, your confidant is no longer with you.  It’s hard seeing good friends from the past alone.  It’s time for choosing our emotions when faced with situations like these.  We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves.  We can choose to look at what we no longer have.  We can choose to look at what we do have.  We can choose to believe and trust God’s word when He said He would never leave us alone.  These last 2 statements are what I’ve chosen.  I choose them even with the empty place in my heart knowing God knows the hurt and is blessing me in other ways.  Yes, life is a changing process.  Without change and movement there is death.  As the Hebrews moved with the pillar of light and the cloud, so we must move with the Spirit of God allowing Him to work in and through us in all circumstances He allows to come our way.  God’s blessings are far beyond our most extravagant dreams.  Let’s all move on with God thanking Him for whatever is to come.


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