Psalms 56:3 3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.  (NIV)

 Suddenly you are left alone.  The one you have become one with through marriage is gone.  All of a sudden you are filled with “What if’s.”  As the what if’s thoughts consume your mind fear sets in.  God has given us the ability to choose what to think.  We can choose to think about the possibilities of the future or we can choose to trust the One Who holds the future in His hands.  Sometime our fear is not for ourselves but for someone we love.  God says to pray for others and He will answer our prayers.  As we pray we can choose to trust God hears us like He has promised or we can choose to hang on to our fear and doubt.  I admit, choosing to trust God and turn our back of fear takes determination.  Determination takes practice.  We may have to choose to trust every few minutes at first but, as we continue to choose trust, fear moves further from our minds.  God has been showing me He is faithful in the things I need.  I now must do the things my husband always did.  When I ask for wisdom, God provides it.  When I ask for strength, God provides it.  Sometimes God leads me to call someone for help.  But, with every decision I now must make, I no longer need to fear.  I know, with prayer, I will make the right decision.  Even if I mess up and choose wrong, God is bigger than any mistake I might make.  I am free to trust just as a little child trusts the parent.  God is my Father and He is Perfect, Faithful, powerful and all knowing. 


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