I needed a new kitchen faucet.  That is a task my husband could easily do.  Because of the garbage disposal I decided I need to call in a plumber.  He came.  I had to turn off the water for him.  He began to replace the faucet but didn’t have the connecting parts to reattach the water.  I paid him and he left.  I traced the size of the fitting I needed and took the hose to be connected to the local building supply store.  Parts in hand I returned home.  I got down and began to try to attached everything.  The first side went on easily.  The second side leaked.  I tried and tried.  Tears started to roll as frustration increased.  Then I prayed. Then I repeated, “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”  Tears stopped and I was able to line up the threads and tighten enough not to have leaks.  I am enjoying my new kitchen faucet.  I’m learning to do the things my husband did through asking God for wisdom and being patient as He guides me.  I’m also open to hearing Him lead me to get help.  God never leaves or forsakes us.  When we think we’re alone, all we need to is call out and become aware He is in us through His Holy Spirit and will guide us in and through all things.  We only need to listen.


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